2012 İlkbahar Kpds Soru ve Cevapları

Merhaba Arkadaşlar bir paylaşım yapıp bugün erken yatmayı planladığım için kısa kesip konuya girmek istiyorum; Bilindiği üzere Ösymnin resmi sitesinde yayinlanmıştı bende bir kaç gün geçmeden hemen paylaşmak istiyorum zira konu güncelliğini kaybetmesin :) Şimdi gelelim konumuza yazımızın hemen devamında nı bulabilirsiniz.

2012 İlkbahar Kpds Soru ve Cevapları

Soru 1: Forgery is the act of making, reproducing, altering or signing a false document or other instrument with the ____ of defrauding others. (by colt18)

a.intention b.determination c.development d.prediction e.exception

Soru 2: The full stop is probably the most used form of punctuation, partly because almost everyone knows how to use it ____

a.profoundly b.considerably c.redundantly d.dominantly e.appropriately

Soru 3: The sense of smell, which has not been fully understood yet, is much more ___ than the sense of taste. (by colt18)

a.endurable b.sophisticated c.attainable d.dedicated e.suitable

Soru 4: The European System of Central Banks, which ___ a singe monetary policy for the euro zone, consists of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt together with 15 national central banks. (by colt18)

a.regulates b.acquires c.provokes d.expresses e.signifies

Soru 5: Leaders wit different political styles have launched daring projects to take Japan out of the economic recession, but in the long run, they may ____ colliding with each other. (by colt18)

a.fight off b.make out c.give in d.act out e.end up

Soru 6: Unlike broadcast television, an interactive TV service provider ___ customers to choose which service to use at any given time, whether it ____ shopping, watching a film or playing games.

a.has allowed / might have been b.allows / is c.allowed / would be d.would allow / should have been e.is allowing / was

Soru 7: The tradition of sculpting in clay ___ as earyly as AD800, and ultimately it ____ as the point of departure for related works that wew cast in metal. (by colt18)

a. has developed / had served
b. would have developed / will serve
c. may have developed / served
d. could have developed / will have served
e. would have developed / has served

Soru 8: When Sarpsborg was burned down ___ the Nordic 7 year was, Fredrick 2 gave permission for the inhabitants to move ___ a place near the Glomme River. (by colt18)

a.after/away b.through/from c.at/by d.in/over e.during/to

Soru 9: The degree ___ age-related wrinkling varies considerably ___ person to person, partly due to the amount of exposure. (by colt18)

a.of/from b.to/among c.for/between d.towards/with e.about/by

Soru 10: Generally, social media platforms can be thought of as virtual meeting places which function to encoruage the exchange of media content among was who are ___ producers ___ consumers. (by colt18)

a. both / and b. more/than c. just/like d. so/that e. such/as

Soru 11: Crystals are created ___ cooling and crystallization take place at an appropriate depth and with sufficient time. (by colt18)

a.until b.when c.so d.though e.before

Soru 12: ____ schools encourage children to read printed books more often, the library, in its traditional form, will eventually disappear. (by colt18)

a.whenever b.unless c.however d.whereas e.since

Soru 13: Some popular diet books have misled consumers with deceptive claims, ____ ; they fail to provide an assessment of the results of their treatment plans for obesity. (by colt18)

a. even so b. nevertheless c. furthermore d. otherwise e. on the contrary

Soru 14: The social sciences are a rage of disciplines within the arts and humanities ____ principal concerns are the study of various aspects. (by colt18)

a.what b.how c.when d.whose e.their

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